Large Size   Doors & Special Constructions

Aircraft Hangar doors upto 30m in   Height and 450m in Width. Acoustic Barrier doors upto 50 dB   sound insulation.
Manually operated large sliding doors   in Aluminium. Water ingress barriers with auto   detect closing devices.
Vertically Stacking doors upto 30m in   width. Partially Submerged doors for ship   yards or pump rooms.
Tall Doors for shipyards upto 45m in   height. Hurricane proof door systems in very   large sizes.
Self Vanishing walls- vertical or   horizontal sliding. Large Fat doors with twin tracks for   air plenum/HEPA filters.

Rolling   Shutters

Very large Rolling shutters upto 30m   in width & 10m in height Rolling Shutter with Grills or louvers   in Aluminium.
Light weight Rolling shutters with or   without perforations. Burglar proof Rolling Shutters.

Fire, Smoke,   Bullet & Blast Resistant Doors and Walls

Fire Rated shutters with UL/FM/BS/NFPA   compliance. 4hrs Fire Rated Rolling Shutters upto   90 Min insulation
Large Sliding Doors with 2 hours heat   insulation/barrier. Automatic Smoke draft vents and   actuator arm assemblies.
Bullet & Blast proof doors and   windows in glass. Fire and Smoke draft curtains in very   large sizes.
Blast proof Walls and Door systems in   steel. Fire rated Glazed partition walls- 2   hours heat insulation.
High pressure blast proof doors in   steel. Fire rated Observation window glass- 3   hour fire rated.
Large wall systems for refineries etc. Fire rated Wire free glazing with   doors /fireman hose tested.
Fire Rated Crane Rail and conveyor   System closures. Special constructions with multiple   closing and curtains.

Building   Envelope & Access Control

Translucent Twin wall fibre-glass heat   insulated glazing. Vertical Stacking door with little   head and back room space.
Translucent light weight doors in   large Width & Height. Up and Over Sectional doors with   inbuilt wicket doors.
Very fast action doors- opening speed   5 meters per second. ICU access sliding glass doors.
Fast action doors for Clean room and   Hospital OT access. Revolving Doors for airports,   hospitals and stations.
Vertically opening quick doors for   Fire Stations. Doors for Tunnels and Mines.
Folding & Sliding Gates/ Tall   doors. Horizontal closures for escalators or   tunnel access.
Crane flap closures & key doors. Fire Rated Curtain Wall Panels in huge   sizes.
Sliding glass doors for pedestrian   traffic. Breakout & Sliding doors for   corridors.
Turnstiles and Automatic Boom   barriers. People Mover doors for Metro Train   Platforms.
Access control- Tailgate prevention   and monitoring. Train Access Doors for railway yards   and AC stations.

Miscellaneous   Products

Fall arresters for vertically sliding   doors. Robot for Automated Car Parking.
Automation devices for safety in door   systems. Automated Car Parking Towers and   puzzle systems.

Perimeter   Protection Products

Aircraft Taxiway sliding gates upto   100 m in width. Swing and Sliding gates with crash   barriers.
Auto retractable Bollard system. High impact crash protection barriers.
Very large boom barriers with   anti-crash devices.

Fencing systems with microwave monitoring.