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Butzbach Doors are acclaimed worldwide to be one the best solutions for Aircraft hangars- New or Old.  Majority of Modern Aircraft hangars across the world are designed with Butzbach hangar Door Systems because of their superior design, reliability and energy efficiency.

For Butzbach, no challenge is big enough, vertically stacking Doors as high as 45M, horizontal sliding doors as high as 30M or as wide as 440M or as sturdy as Hurricane safe are some of the products dispatched regularly from the Butzbach stable.

Few years ago, when the Airbus Factory in Hamburg needed a hangar door system to hide 2 Airbus 380s side by side, a  27mx 190 m span sliding hangar door was offered in just 2 tracks with only 3 leaves. The two side leaves were 45 M Wide and the middle leaf measured a whopping 100m in width.

Imagine a mammoth sliding panel measuring three fourth of an acre moving at a press of a button!

In Nagpur, India, Butzbach along with their Indian counterparts Jugapro have already installed one of their bigger doors measuring 27 M in Height and 206 M in width.

Excellence in design, innovative engineering technologies, MM level precision and superiorly designed components, consultancy at pre planning stage of the project, enormous savings in structural steel and 30 years of market leadership provide an excellent value proposition for Butzbach, no wonder that several Airports & leading Aviation companies have trusted Butzbach and thus the number of the hangar Door installations runs well over 750 functional doors.

Butzbach does offer remarkable savings in Space & Energy costs. Light weight, translucent fiberglass panels allow easy movement and thus if space is at premium, Butzbach doors can even turn across the corners, inside or even outside the hangar. In some cases, vertically sliding & top stacking options are also provided so as to provide end to end hangar width to aircraft operations.

When old Aircraft hangars have to be renovated for accommodating much larger aircrafts than originally designed, Butzbach Doors, which do not add any load on the roof structure are hence the most appropriate solution for such remodeling projects.

Butzbach’s proprietary, twin wall fiberglass panels, which are made at their state of the art facility in Germany, allow about 78% light to pass inside but also 100% cut UV rays out of the hangar, thus, near day light environment inside the hangar with no dark corners is easily achieved. These fiber Glass Panels are extremely light weight & yet very strong, thus, extreme wind loads are not a problem; also there is no recurrent expenses on painting of the cladding.

Butzbach hangar doors can work on multiple track configurations and offer various opening options. The door rests entirely on the ground tracks, very little wind load is only transferred to the roof structure. Multiple options to nest vehicle or personnel access without any thresholds is another innovative feature in Butzbach hangar doors.

Butzbach hangar doors provide complete dust & draught control inside the hangar-semicircular sealing at the squeezing door ends and multiple flaps at shearing joints, no gaps at the floor levels provide complete airtight joints on the hangar door side- A fast action door that opens at a flashing speed of 5m per sec to provide quick egress to small vehicles, forklifts or pedestrian traffic is another unique offering from Butzbach. Result= excellent savings in terms of air leakage and maintenance costs of costly MRO equipments housed inside the hangar.

Reliability is hallmark of Butzbach products, the hangar doors are operated with PLC based frequency controlled energy efficient motors with direct drive, mounted right at the floor level. The door leaves can be operated individually with 1.5kw motors or can be pushed easily in a rare case of a failure- No need for tractors to open the door.

Safety is another aspect of paramount importance in hangars; Butzbach hangar doors are equipped with state of art operations controls and ample visual & audible warning systems. Edge and magnetic sensors provide accident prevention controls- door stops with automatic reverse even when lightest of the obstruction is encountered.

Butzbach hangar doors offer great aesthetic appeal, variety in design, visibility deep across the hangar & effective barrier against heat, dust & extreme wind loads. Ease of maintenance, least possible moving parts, no large chains or belts to wear, alignment issues not a bother are several hallmark features to delight the actual user group.

Butzbach is now represented in almost every corner of the world. Numerous references worldwide verify the performance – in Europe you can already find a Butzbach hangar door in almost every country. Butzbach hangar doors working at -60 degree F, in the coldest part of Greenland convince their outstanding performance.

Customers do appreciate reliability from the fabled German precision engineering and design, Energy efficient operations long experience and an excellent planning support & great savings in structural costs for existing or new hangars, and therefore opt for the coveted jewel to the MRO hangar– a Butzbach hangar door!