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Be it a Translucent Sliding Door in seemingly huge dimensions for a large Aircraft Hangar, or Fast Action Sliding Doors that operate at flashing speed of 5M/second or Fire Rated- Rolling Shutters/Sliding Doors in Glass or Metal/Flexible Curtain materials, Jugapro offers a huge range of door solutions from a global portfolio.

Sectional Up & Over Doors, Vertical Stacking Doors, Self-vanishing large Partition Walls, Super Lightweight Rolling Shutters, Giant Rolling Shutters, Ventilation & Aluminium Grill Shutters, Glazed Walls & Glass Breakout Doors- 2 Hours Fire Rated & even Heat Insulated, Fire rated rolling shutters with 4 hours fire integrity and upto 90 min heat insulation, Automatic Fire Protection Covers for sensitive equipment are few of the innovative solutions that add yet another dimension in building design and safety.

Bullet, Flame & Blast proof doors for Tunnels/Mines, Automated Perimeter Protection tools for large areas, Bollards/ Crash Barriers or Burglar Proof shutters/door/windows or special projects like Airport Taxiway Sliding Gates, and People Movement control at metro stations or door to provide Sound Insulation or Water Barrier or Flap Closures for Crane/ Conveyors or Large Revolving Doors are some of the products that were so much needed but weren’t readily available in India.

Very large dimensions are not so daunting for Jugapro team, we have already installed one of the World’s largest sliding door systems in India. “Torrite Hangar Door” from Jugapro-Butzbach stands 27 M high and whopping 206 M wide, just large enough to hide  2 Airbus 380s behind it!

Consultancy at project planning stages and design assistance from global experts can help project consultants achieve compliance with UL/EN/CE/FM/BS and other standards with great ease.