Water Conservation video

Rain Water Harvesting

Climate change is real!

The impact of global warming can be seen clearly manifested in recurrent occurrences of Natural disasters which unfortunately are happening nearly all across the globe. Rainfall patterns seems to have been altered in a quirky fashion. Draught have become fearfully savage…… Rainwater conservation has become a prime concern for the survival of Life in several hotter climes.  Read more……

Know your Groundwater Recharge Obligation

Urban Drainage

Rain Water Harvesting   video

Stormwater Management   video

Hangar Doors video


Large Sized Doors for Big Birds like Airbus 380’s are often sourced from Butzbach stable. Height upto 45 M and Width upto 450 M- mammoth dimensions for a single Leaf – 27 M by 100 M………. for Butzbach, no problem!




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Industrial Doors video

Vertically Stacking without too much back room requirements, Sectional Doors with Personnel access, Fast Action Doors with opening speeds exceeding 5 M per sec, clean room doors…………. Explore Endless possibilities for pedestrian and vehicular traffic access.

Spacelite HT 

Spacelite HTU 


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Special Applications


Doors for Fire, Smoke, Blast, Bullet, Burglar protection in Factories, Commercial establishments, Hospitals, Tunnels, Railway Stations, Mines, Nuclear and Thermal Power stations ……………… your list might go on; but, we have a solution for almost every need.


When Airbus Industries needed  very Large Door for its Twin Hangar that housed two Airbus 380 side by side, Butzbach delivered a mammoth 5000 Square Metre Horizontal Sliding Door System that could operate just on Two Tracks and comprised of three leaves only. The Door stands 27 M tall and 190 M wide, two side leaves were 45 m wide and the middle leaf covered a whopping 100 M span in width.

To create Fire Compartments in the facility you can use several of the available options like four hours Fire Rated Rolling Shutters, Two hours Heat Insulated Glass Curtain Walls, Horizontal Sliding Closures for Escalators, Automatic Fire and Smoke Draft Curtains in very large sizes, Crane flap Closures, Automatic Drop covers to protect Sensitive equipment which otherwise gets damaged by the sprinker water.
The doors must not continue to leak air and thus, energy via gaps. The door must not remain any longer than necessary. Translucent panel must be Light in weight, Insulated  and must withstand hurricane grade windloads – whatever be your design challenge, Our Door and Windows systems protect your precious dollars from slipping.

Fire Protection

Four hours of Fire Protection, One hour Heat insulated Rolling Shutters, Two hours Heat Insulated Glass Curtain Walls, Innovative Closures for Escalators, Smoke Draft Curtains, Actuating Arms for Smoke Vents, UL/FM/BS/NFPA Complaince Issue …………….. Yes, your facilities can be completely protected.

Innovative Building Solutions

      • Comprehensive support during Planning & Design.
      • Awe inspiring Dimensions are not a Challenge.
      • Unlimited RAL color options to compliment the Building.
      • Multiple Opening configurations for maximum space saving.
      • Globally acclaimed and UL/FM/BS tested products .
      • Local support and prompt after sales service.